Finally, the ØMQ wire level protocol!

pieterhpieterh wrote on 30 Apr 2011 15:59


ZMTP/1.0 defines the wire level protocol used by ØMQ (versions 2.x) over TCP. It has a framing layer, a connection layer, and a content layer. It's a neat little unprotocol that is free to remix, lightweight, and easy to understand.

On the #zeromq IRC channel, on Saturday 30th April 2011:

(11:46:23 AM) rgl: can you point me to the document that describes the wire format of the several socket types?
(11:46:46 AM) pieterh: rgl: unfortunately, there's no single document
(11:47:00 AM) pieterh: there is some information in the zmq_tcp man page
(11:48:39 AM) pieterh: we really do need to make a proper documentation of the wire format, no real excuses

(12:10:21 PM) pieterh: I'm going to start on a new RFC, this annoys the heck out of me

(02:17:48 PM) pieterh: ok, finished draft of full wire level protocol
(02:18:00 PM) pieterh: rgl: if you're still around:

Yeah, it actually took two whole hours to scrape this little unprotocol together from a bunch of leftover potato peelings, ØMQ man pages, and my warped imagination.

Presumably it's full of errors, but as the great Digistan says, "specifications should take minutes to explain, hours to design, days to write, weeks to prove, months to become mature, and years to replace."

First person to implement ZMTP in JavaScript wins 1,000 internets. YARLY.


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