The Psychopath Code

Don't look for serial killers… one in 25 of the people around you is a psychopath, hiding and living a secret life. Psychopaths take what they want, using their charm and wits. They feel only the emotions of a predator. In this book Pieter Hintjens decodes the mystery of the psychopath. Why do such people exist? How do they operate? And most critical of all, can we learn to avoid them, or escape them? The answers will enlighten you. This book delivers practical tools and techniques to survive the most difficult people.

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Your work has been an eye opener. I've read a number of books about psychopaths but your approach is unique in that it is written from the ground up but ultimately provides a robust and realistic theoretical framework to understand this fork in human psychology. — Gareth H.

After applying this material in life, things have stabilized greatly. Psychopaths at work can't touch me, friends are top notch. Remorseless whittling away the psychopaths has been a pleasant experience. — Stewart M.

The examples he cites are convincing, the explanations he offers are well thought out, and his solutions for the re-discovery of our personal power are strong and helpful. — Fran Macilvey

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